a world , full of forests  ::  sustainable lifeali kislakI am in pursuit of a dream
my dream is
to make my dream come true and
convert it into everybody’s reality .
may it be reality in one year or thousand years , this is the salvation dream of the world .
my dream is “a world , full of forests
and the path that I am taking to reach my dream is
permaculture , natural farming and their philosophies .
and I know that this dream is all over the world ,
many people we are having the same dream all over the world ,
we are sharing the same dream and we are all a part of this dream .
our soils are wasting away and perishing because of chemical fertilizers , pesticides and herbicides .
the chemicals used are very important waste of energy .
our soil that loses stability because of chemicals , requires more fertilizers every year to be able to get the same amount of yield . and this means more waste of energy and pollution .

hundred years ago there were vegetables but there were no chemicals . that is , it was possible to grow without chemicals , it can be possible again , it is possible .
for two years , I am growing vegetables without any chemical fertilizers , pesticides , or herbicides in forest gardens that I created .

my philosophy is FOREST . my guide is FOREST .

as it is very possible to create a healthy ecosystem
without tilling a forest soil , without weeding , without giving fertilizers ,
without pesticides or herbicides ,
and so
as it is very possible to grow healthy plants ,
then ,

according to natural way of farming principles
it is also very possible to cultivate
without tillage , weeding , fertilizers , herbicides , or pesticides .

for two years by creating food forests
I am living the pleasure of converting the dreams into reality .
everybody should be cultivating with the principles of Natural Way of Farming .
that is , cultivating should be so easy that everybody should be cultivating .

natural way of farming is “do nothing farming” .
that is , everybody can cultivate without doing anything .
children , ladies and gentelmen , the young and the old , everybody ..
you make nothing :
you don’t plough the land ,
you don’t weed , that is the most tiring work of farming ,
you don’t give fertilizers pesticides herbicides !

< May your heart not be deprived of love for soil /
and your table not be deprived of the aroma of thyme >
Ali Kislak