My Forest and its Philosophy

… forest , is a universe , endless , limitless , no border , no restriction , no exclusion ; there is a space for everybody , for everything . there is no prejudice . everything is conscious of the pleasure and beauty of living together , diversity , sharing , growing and evolving together […]

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make a forest

we can create a small forest in our terrace or garden , and , we should !
also we can create big forests , there is no limit in size of the forest , we should create forests wherever we can .

I am making a forest in 4 main steps :

land preperation
raised bed preperation
sowing – planting
prepare […]

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forest 1

our land before starting to make a forest an now .
at the beginning we had an infertile and limy soil . after digging few centimeters we were reaching a hard limy layer . even the tractor was having difficulty to plough . I introduced some organic matter , cardboards , newspapers , wood , old […]

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forest 2

 all this land was a fertile natural forest of pine trees and bushwood .
and deforested before 1980 to open more agricultural area . for many years they cultivated wheat . they tilled the land , the nutritious top soil was washed away by erosion and so they stopped to cultivate wheat because they were not […]

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forest 3

  step 1 – land preperation : this part of the field is barren , just few centimeters of soil or no soil and all rocks . I found some soil in the village that a peasant wants to get rid of a huge pile of soil from his land and he does not want […]

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forest mustafa

Mustafa’nın ormanı

eğimli bir tarla . geleneksel tarım yapılagelmekte , her ürün hasadından sonra tarla sürülüyor , yağmurlar seller üst toprağı alıp süpürüp götürüyor , verim düşüyor , daha fazla hayvan gübresi kullanmak gerekiyor , otlar çapalanıyor çor çocuk hep birlikte , soğandır ıspanaktır bişeyler ekilip biçiliyor , olduydu olmadıydı derken devam edip gidiyor .

mustafa burada […]

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forest ecosystem

living alltogether in perfect holism of forest . without prejudice , being able to give place to every living thing within natural balance . and being able to love holistically . the sustainability of life can not be achieved solely with love and passion . without the trade of mutual benefits and interest , love […]

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