ethics and principles

Permaculture is
combination of words Permanent and Agriculture
and also
combination of words Permanent and culture .

permaculture is

a philosophy of working with , rather than against nature .
a sustainable and regenerative design science based in
observation of nature and natural patterns .
the art of biomimicry.

3 core ethics of permaculture :

care for the earth
care for people
create surplus and fair share

twelve […]

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water harvesting

.. it rains , that is water , blessings , nutrition , life . it pours down to soil . if the soil can survive from erosion , if it can absorb the water slowly deep inside , then that is life for the insects for the flowers for the all living things . If […]

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sustainable chicken

I have piles of manure in different points of the field . I get some fresh manure from the neighbours .
I bring the weed that I collect from my forests and I put them on top of the manure pile .

so , while I am clearing my forest from the weed , at the same […]

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toprağın üstüne örtülen örtü .
nasıl bir örtü ?  ne gibi örtü maddeleri kullanılır :
inorganik ya da organik bir örtü olabilir .
İnorganik örtü : plastik , naylon gibi inorganik bir örtü olabilir , biz         tarlada kalıcı olabilecek böyle maddeleri kullanmıyoruz .
organik örtüler neler olabilir :
eski halı kilim battaniye ,
boyalarında kimyasallar , madenler […]

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