Permaculture is
combination of words Permanent and Agriculture
and also
combination of words Permanent and culture .

permaculture is

  • a philosophy of working with , rather than against nature .
  • a sustainable and regenerative design science based in
    observation of nature and natural patterns .
  • the art of biomimicry.

3 core ethics of permaculture :

  1. care for the earth
  2. care for people
  3. create surplus and fair share

twelve key principles :

  1.  observe and interact
  2.  catch and store energy
  3.  obtain a yield
  4.  self-regulate and respond to feedback
  5.  use renewable resources
  6.  produce no waste
  7.  design from patterns to details
  8.  integrate rather than segregate
  9.  use small and slow solutions
  10.  use and value diversity
  11.  use edges and value the marginal
  12.  creatively use and respond to change