our land before starting to make a forest an now .image
at the beginning we had an infertile and limy soil . after digging few centimeters we were reaching a hard limy layer . even the tractor was having difficulty to plough . I introduced some organic matter , cardboards , newspapers , wood , old clothes , whatever I had around that time . I sowed some vegetable seeds and left the land for one year doing nothing . it was full of grass and weed and some vegetables in one year . and then I let the chichen to visit the land for few months .. they enjoyed the green and gave me some manure .
the land forest 1 raised beds 2was enriched by nutrition and it was time to clean the land . we ploughed the land to kill some weed . It took me some time to clean the invasive weeds by shovel , by hand , by pick .
my shovel got tired from time to time .
natural farming requires patience at the beginning .
once the land was quite free of invasive weeds , that is the land preparation is completed , then we prepared the beds using tractor first and final touches by shovel .

and then , as the final step of forest preparation , we sowed “forest seeds” , that is , “mixture of any kind of vegetable and herbs seeds” and planted some herbs . the initiation of the forest has been completed now . the only thing that you need to do afterwards is , depending on the season you plant vegetable saplings that you want to introduce in the land and sow the seeds you want . the nature is going to take care of all the rest to produce ..