all this land was a fertile natural forest of pine trees and bushwood .
and deforested before 1980 to open more agricultural area . for many years they cultivated wheat . they tilled the land , the nutritious top soil was washed away by erosion and so they stopped to cultivate wheat because they were not able to get sufficient yield anymore .
so , I found the soil more or less like this as in the picture , a barren , infertile soil .
a niche in this ecosytem here was waiting for me , a hungry niche to the life .

start reforestation

to prepare the land , we ploughed as deep as we could to have some soil . we introduced whatever organic matter we have arround .SONY DSC

we raised our soil by tractor and shovel . you can give any shape to the soil . just to play we made a heart-shaped raised bed . but once you have the forest after a year , you will not see any land , any shape . we sowed some vegetable and flower seeds and started to plant some flowers or vegetable saplings .
you can keep sowing and planting anytime depending on the season . and then leave it to the nature which seed or sapling survives .
forest ecosystem . any kind of plants , flowers , insects , birds , butterflys .orman-06 all living together .
all sharing a life . we can not know exactly what is going on under the soil , how friendly and happily they are living , one creating some specific nutrition and sharing with a friend next to her , competing for nutrition , and sharing .
we can not know what is going on above the soil , one enjoying the shade of another friend , holding on another friend . perhaps competing for sunshine and sharing .
competing and sharing . as the song says “I can’t live with or without you” , it is the same for all living things .SONY DSC
once you have a forest in Natural Farming , in Do Nothing Farming , the only thing that you have to do is harvesting . being a forest , after some time you can not see all the fruits , you have to look for , hunt them . and there is left some , they fall down , get rotten , and they become manure or new plants germinate from the seeds of the rotten fruits .