ali kislak forest 3 land-1  step 1 – land preperation : this part of the field is barren , just few centimeters of soil or no soil and all rocks . I found some soil in the village that a peasant wants to get rid of a huge pile of soil from his land and he does not want any money . so I imported 30 trucks of soil to my land . I had to pay for the transfer by the truck only .
we spreaded the soil on the land . if you have enough soil in your land , then ofcourse you don’t need to import any soil . our land is barren . after deforestation to make more agricultural land all nutritious soil is lost by erosion . so , my challenge is reforestation now .land-2
we use the machines for the land preperation . we spread the soil by tractor .

after spreading the imported soil we add some straw . we can add any organic matter anytime to enrich the soil .image

we spread and mix the straw , hay , any organic matter with the soil by tractor .

step 2 – preparing the raised beds :
there are some equipment that you can use with your tractor to raise beds . we do it with our simple basic equipments . it is easy . first we make the beds by tractor , afterwards make the final touches by shovel . working with shovels takes some time and requires some muscles and physical work . but remember , you do it only once forever ! no more ploughing or diging the land later .image

step 3 – sowing and planting

once we have the beds ready , then we start sowing and spreading a mixture of seeds and then just mix the seeds with soil by a rake . as you see in the pictures , we have not implemented any organic matter , no hay , no animal manure to one part of the beds , so , no life has started yet there , it will start but it takes long time .. so , exactly that is what I am doing , just initiating a life , a forest and then go away , leave the nature alone . do nothing .image

the seeds hiding in the hay and animal manure or any organic matter , they started to germinate and show themselves .
then we started to plant herbal plants .