we can create a small forest in our terrace or garden , and , we should !
also we can create big forests , there is no limit in size of the forest , we should create forests wherever we can .

I am making a forest in 4 main steps :

  1. land preperation
  2. raised bed preperation
  3. sowing – planting
  4. prepare watering system

Land Preperation

in order to plant , we need some soil .
if there is not enough soil in your land , then you may need to import some , it is up to you to decide if it is worth or not .
if your soil is not fertile enough then you can introduce some organic matter . once you start your forest , there will be a nice fertile soil after some time anyway .
if you have spreading weeds in your soil , try to clean your soil from weeds first .

  Raised Bed Preperation :raised bed support
for a small size raised bed , you can do it by shovel . for long size beds a tractor makes perfect job .
you can raise your bed from 30cm to even 1 meter .

when you are working in your forest , to be able to reach easily to the middle of the raised bed from both sides , about 1 meter width is quite appropriate .
you can make your raised beds in many different shapes , you can put some wood or a piece of log or anything along the sides of the raised beds to support the soil . because I am working in big size forests made of long raised beds , I am not supporting the sides of the beds by wood or stone or anything . I  don’t need to support the bed to prevent the soil sliding down when I have about 45 degree angle slope . after some time , there will be some plants cover all over the beds , so , the soil will not be sliding down anyway .
some wood or kind of stone can be used to prevent the soil to slide down . that also prevents the weeds around the raised bed to invade the bed .

* because we don’t walk on the raised bed , the soil is always kept not compacted .
the soil being not compacted , the nutrition , air , water , and the roots travel easily under the soil and so the plants grow easily .
working on the not compacted soil , planting , seeding , weeding are very easy .

* the surface of the raised bed is larger than the surface of the land that raised bed sits on , so , with raised beds you increase the size of your land .

* being kind of trenches , raised beds keep the water and prevent soil erosion from your land .

  Sowing – Planting :naturalseed-3
I am making sowing – planting in 3 steps .
* first I sow a mixture of lettuce , spinach , purslane , dill , faba bean kind of seeds .
** secondly I sow or plant many herbal plants to distract or repel pests . before I have enough herbs around , I don’t consider what I am doing as a forest yet .
*** and finally I start my “main” plants . the whole forest or a patch in the forest can be made of any dominant species .
but again , there is no fixed rule of being main plants , what I sow in first step or plant herbs in second step perfectly may become main plants !

Prepare Watering System

I am just mimicking the nature and watering the forests by watering system with sprinkles.

. forest .
just initiate , just start a forest . the nature continues the construction of the forest .
I am the hands of the soil
just mixing some organic matter and forming soil piles that we call raised beds , nice soft piles just helping the plants to grow more easily .
I am the wings of the  winds
that carry some mixture of seeds just to bring together with some soil ,
then I don’t know which seed germinates when and in what humidity and warmth ,
and I don’t care which plant grows happily and together with which plant .
for all , the natural system makes the final decision ; some seeds become food for the ants , some germinates and become plants
and some plants survive while some dies to become manure for the rest . 

In a forest we can have anything , everything , all kinds of vegetables , weeds , edible or non edible fruits or any kind of trees . and also I welcome any kind of insects , worms , animals .

I welcome worms , it seems that they eat some of my vegetables but at the same time they create some manure for the soil , anything good for soil , is welcomed . the worms like the broccolies , they have eaten few of my broccolies but they could not find all broccolies because as all plants , the broccolies are spread all over the forest .

even one chameleon found a space for herself in my forest , I welcome her with pleasure . she needed me to create a forest , an habitat to live and I need her now in my forest becasue she eats insects and contributes to the insect balance .  as nothing is useless in nature , worms are also useful somehow , so , we don’t have to exterminate them by using chemicals barbarically . I cut some leaves with worms and I give them to the chickens , so , I am just controlling their population by making use of them as protein for the chicken .
 I work  in harmony with nature , I just initiate a forest ecosystem .
and in a very short time from this sample that I initiate , the nature takes over , life is a transition , the seeds that I sow become plants , tomatos , peppers , dill , stinging nettle , any plants . and they give fruits ,
I collect some of t
he fruits and some fruits fall down to the soil and from their seeds new plants grow by themselves
by nature itself , they regenerate themselves .
… and one morning
just before the sunrise when I am visiting my forest ,
all of a sudden I see a very small tree growing by herself . and that moment is the climax of my pleasure ! next few days I start seeing another fig tree , mulberry , pomegranate .. I realize that the nature has really taken over and started to plant some seeds together with the wind or birds or with anything that I can not know . then I name this garden as “forest” !

the trees that the nature plants this way , they grow and become happier and healthier than the ones we plant . they need less care and energy . the nature , without much need of the human intervention , can grow plants in a perfect way .