natural farming is “do nothing farming” .
once we create a forest ecosystem
we do nothing anymore except going to the field and harvesting produce .
we can’t think of Natural Farming without its philosophy and also we can’t think of its philosophy without Natural Farming .
one can not make natural farming without internalizing its philosophy .

The 5 Principles of Natural Farming :

  1. No tillage
  2. No fertilizer
  3. No pesticides no herbicides
  4. No weeding
  5. No pruning .

1. No Tillage
 in conventional agriculture the land is ploughed to aerate the soil , to loosen it so oxygen and water can reach the area where roots will grow .
on the other hand , when the soil is ploughed , the soil structure is broken up , the microorganisms are destroyed and the worst , tillage causes soil erosion while with no-till farming the top soil is always preserved .
for the plants to grow healthier the soil has to be aerated but without disturbing and damaging the soil .

in our forest we don’t have to plough the land ,
if we do not intervene with the soil , the nature aerates the soil with the help of plants and worms or any kind of animals living under the soil .
with my raised beds the soil is always aerated because we do not walk on the soil and so the soil is never compacted .
having a forest on the raised beds with all different types of plants , the roots go deeper to keep the soil aerated .

2. No Fertilizer

if too much nutrition is given , at the beginning the plants grow faster and nicer but evetually the balance of the soil is destroyed . vegBed-05the plants grow faster and nicer but in the long run they are very fragile , they are not healthy and they get sick very easily .
on the other hand we use lots of energy to produce , transport , and introduce the fertilizer to the soil . therefore , industrial and organic farming are not sustainable .

in natural farming , with forest , the soil gets the nutrition needed from the fallen leaves , from the dead plants , and from the roots of the plants , as green manure . the balance of the soil is not damaged and the plants are healthier .
and of course , as we don’t do anything to make natural farming , using no fertilizer saves us energy . with this point , natural farming is sustainable .

3. No pesticides – No herbicides

any pesticide or herbicide kills the microorganisms in the soil .
therefore the soil ecosystem is damaged .
using pesticide or herbicide is an endless war againist the nature . some pests are killed but some of them survive . so , some stronger pesticide or herbicide is implemented . that kills more microorganisms that prepare the nutrition for the plants .

I plant vegetables here and there and everywhere randomly spread amongst the herbs ,
so , pests can not easily find a particular type of a vegetable . a cabbage-lover pest may find a cabbage , enjoy that cabbage but they can not find others and therefore they can not proliferate and the cabbages in the forest can survive , then , we don’t have to implement pesticides :: the soil ecosystem is sustained healthily .

lavantaların , kekik , fesleğen , limon otu , cennet süpürgesi , melisaların içinden biber toplarken benim bile başım dönüyor .
ormanda ben bile zor buluyorum domatesi biberi , elbette ki böcekler de zor bulacaktır .

4. No Weeding

there is no “weed” in nature . the human being created it .
what is a weed ? something bad ? why bad ?
how can we qualify or decribe or characterize a plant as weed , unwanted , as bad ?

5. No Pruning

in nature , every tree has its own perfect shape and format . with this format , the tree performs perfectly the nutrition flow from the soil to the branches and leaves , from branches and leaves to the roots . as the leaves spread on the branches with perfect angels , sunlight can travel all over the tree all day .
the trees in the forests develop and grow very healthily and happily and they don’t feel the need to be pruned . when it is necessary , the nature does it for them .

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