no-ploughing-01in conventional agriculture the land is ploughed to aerate the soil , to loosen it so oxygen and water can reach the area where roots will grow .
on the other hand , when the soil is ploughed , the soil structure is broken up , the microorganisms are destroyed and the worst , tillage causes soil erosion while with no-till farming the top soil is always preserved .
for the plants to grow healthier the soil has to be aerated but without disturbing and damaging the soil .

in our forest we don’t have to plough the land ,
if we do not intervene with the soil , the nature aerates the soil with the help of plants and worms or any kind of animals living under the soil  .
with my raised beds the soil is always aerated because we do not walk on the soil and so the soil is never compacted .
having a forest on the raised beds with all different types of plants , the roots go deeper to keep the soil aerated .