I have piles of manure in different points of the field . I get some fresh manure from the neighbours .
I bring the weed that I collect from my forests and I put them on top of the manure pile .

so , while I am clearing my fotavukGubre-1rest from the weed , at the same time I am providing some food to the chicken . the chicken enjoy the weed as much as they like and the rest stays on top of the manure .tavukGubre-3
from time to time I water the manure pile to have some humidity and so some warms and bugs can live in the manure .tavukGubre-2
when the chicken scratch on the manure they find and eat the warms and bugs , so , they have free protein .

by scratching , the chichen they turn the manure upside down all day . If I have time I also help them to mix the manure , so , the manure and the weed become compost in a short time .
I use the compost in my new forest preperation .